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Blazar 2022

Blazar 2022
Young art fair

Location: Museum of Moscow
Year: 2022
Area: 2300 sq.m.
Photo: Varvara Toplennikova
Project: In collaboration with Ivan Popov

blazar in 2022 is a section with 60 independent artists, a section of educational institutions, the stands of 22 galleries and a new section of digital art.

The third edition of blazar will be devoted to the development of solidarity relations and horizontal connections. An important component of the fair will be a representation of different types of interaction between contemporary art and business, which will be useful experience for young artists in actual, creative and effective cooperation with business. The goal of the project is to discover and support new names, demonstrate trajectories for the development of young art, as well as assist and promote various non-profit initiatives that, along with commercial structures, contribute to the development of artistic activity and the formation of an open discursive space.