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City sauna

City sauna
Urban Fauna Lab exhibition

Location: CCA Winzavod
Year: 2017
Area: 600 sq.m.
Curator: Yulia Aksenova
Graphic desin: Alexey Larionov

The City Sauna project includes many components and utilises different types of media: objects, video, silk-screen printing, photos, and graphics. The focus is on three types of urban waste: organic compost, dried hogweed stalks, and the heat of glowing microchips. Thematically, the exposition is divided into two parts. The archival part is devoted to the history of the search for the origin of life in the Middle Ages and in the modern age: illustrations and quotations from books on philosophy, alchemy, natural science and the experiments of Francesco Redi. The artistic part is represented by items created by the authors that embody the idea of ​​the origin of life in the modern civilization.

The exhibition is part of the Farewell to Eternal Youth series of exhibitions.