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Evolution 2.1

Evolution 2.1
Misha Most Exhibition

Location: CCA Winzavod
Year: 2017
Area: 210 sq.m.
Curator: Yulia Lebedeva
Graphic desin: Alexey Larionov
Photo: Dmitriy Chebanenko
Video: Nikita Novikov

One of the first graffiti artists in Russia, the nominee of the Kandinsky Prize, Misha Most will present a large-scale solo exhibition in Moscow. "Evolution 2.1" is the result of an experiment on the interaction of a person with a machine. The central part of the exposition will be occupied by a picturesque panel created by a robot according to the artist's sketch.

Misha Most reflects on the future of the artist's profession and wonders: how will technology affect art? Will the creation of a work of art be a mechanical process or will it remain the prerogative of an exceptional talent?

The entire space of the exhibition is a futuristic image of an experimental laboratory. In the exposition, works created in the co-authorship of man and robot — painting work in progress, the results of the experiments of the machine-artist and the artist-man.