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Not only about you

Not only about you
Irina Korina's exhibition

Location: CCA Winzavod
Year: 2018
Curator: Nikolay Palazhchenko
Graphic design: Alexey Larionov

The facades, roofs and other architectural elements of the Winery will turn into scenery in the new project by Irina Korina "Not only about you". The sea, the forest grove, the mountain cliff, the spring sky will be subjects for the artist and a new reading of the Winery itself. Irina Korina's exhibition will complete the jubilee cycle "Farewell to Eternal Youth".

Throughout 2017, artists of the cycle "Farewell to Eternal Youth" looked at art in different ways within the framework of personal projects throughout the territory of the Winery. Irina Korina, working with everyday materials — banner fabric, polycarbonate, corrugated board, plastic — scales them, "surrounding" visitors with imitations of nature.

"Not only for you" involves the viewer in thinking about the dynamics of environmental changes, the interaction of nature and architecture, civilization and chaos. Similar to theatrical backdrops for a non-existent play or computer game backgrounds, the artist's objects symbolize the impossibility of returning today's civilization to harmony and ecological balance. She "breaks the patterns" in the perception of concepts such as art, space, value, architecture.