Postscript after R.I.P.
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Postscript after R.I.P.

Postscript after R.I.P.
Vadim Zakharov's exhibition

Location: MCA Garage
Year: 2015
Area: 210 sq.m.
Curator: Sasha Obuhova
Photo: Egor Slizyak

Artist Vadim Zakharov's video archive—produced over the last 25 years—offers a unique overview of the Moscow Conceptualists, as well as their predecessors and immediate successors, through recording the exhibitions in Moscow and the West that made public the protagonists who formed this community.

This exhibition and it's title, Postscript after RIP, represents the moment when Zakharov leaves his archive to rest in peace, and Garage Museum of Contemporary Art takes on the role of taking care of this collection. Designed by Zakharov, the show makes public an edited version of the archive using a format that resonates with the artist's own practice—the file and folder—as an animated system through which audiences can take time, or browse through his lived experience of learning, celebrating, and sharing with a community.