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PIK Pavilion

PIK Pavilion

Location: Moscow, Muzeon Park
Year: 2019
Area: 150 sq.m.
Art direction: Alexey Larionov
Photo: Leonid Sorokin

The concept of a summer pavilion for ‘PIK' Group has three lines of development: the pavilion function — will be used for sports and educational events; the enclosure — will protect the main area against external influences and attract visitors from outside; the curtain — will enable space transformation and creation of various scenarios.

The pavilion with an area of 150 sq m and height of 4.8 m has a spectacular kinetic facade that sets into motion upon the slightest gush of wind. The facade is lifted above the ground and forms two entrances into the pavilion along its long sides. A large two-sided curtain moves along facade perimeter, thus, enabling the creation of a movie theater inside the pavilion in the daylight hours and protecting the visitors against rain during sports events.

The pavilion is a prefabricated structure. The roof structure rests on six bearing columns. Facade panels are mounted on the bearing structure. Floor base is mounted on screw-type supports for further adjustment relative to site terrain. Tent roof consists of six "funnels" interconnected with water drainage inside the bearing columns, for collection and removal of precipitation under the base of the pavilion. The pavilion is adapted for mobile transportation and assembly/disassembly within a short time.