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Location: MMOMA, Petrovka 25
Year: 2022
Area: 650 sq.m.
Curator: Sofia Simakova
Photo: Leonid Sorokin
Project: In collaboration with Ivan Popov

The title of the exhibition, "Environment", brings to mind the questions of where we exist. What country is this? What city? What does the house you live in look like? Is your chair comfortable? How does it all affect you? After all, it's impossible to deny this influence.

The nine halls of the museum will become individual imaginary interiors with their own imaginary inhabitants. The rooms are divided thematically and stylistically; here the viewer finds himself in a Georgian village with old frescoes, jugs, carpets, and wooden furniture, and here he is in an ultra-modern, almost digital space. In one of the rooms, the viewer finds himself among the dry, minimalist design in monochrome shades, and in the other among the complex objects made of a variety of materials. Two halls will be filled not with design objects, but with total art installations that imitate interiors or even emphasize their absence — conditional, abstract, unearthly habitats made by artists Matvey Kaif with Elia Vinokurova and the Fresh Glass team.