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Two Wishes

Two Wishes

Location: Morozov Mansion - 21/1 Podsosensky Lane
Year: 2023
Curator: Kristina Romanova

This pop-up exhibition at the central Moscow location of Morozov Mansion is organized by Grabar Gallery and explores the theme of wishes. Participant artists are Lyudmila Baronina, Anna Bystrova, Yulia Virko, Mila Gushchina, Daria Kiseleva and Ulyana Podkorytova, Rodion Kitaev, Sasha Nesterkina, Nikolay Onishchenko, Alexandra Paperno, Rostan Tavasiev, and TOY Crew. Opening-day performance is made by Make a Wish Choir. The artists display their contemplations on the wishes of the present day, their own and wishes of others, presented in the form of painting, audio and video installations.