Meet Qatar. Coffee pop-up
01 / 08
Meet Qatar. Coffee pop-up

Meet Qatar. Coffee pop-up

Year: 2019
Area: 30 sq.m.
Project: In collaboration with Ivan Popov

We thought about how a modern coffee pop-up project should look like, which at the same time could represent the State of Qatar at various events, exhibitions and festivals. We see a strong potential to create a community around the ‘'Meet Qatar'' project by combining cultural heritage, technology, and collaborations.

At the same time, this project must become nomadic and be mounted and dismantled in a short period of time, so we have paid special attention to making it modular, as transformable as possible, easy to transport and durable — designed for multiple use.

Key elements of the pop-up:

Coffee stand — technology
"Eastern Bazaar" - heritage
Backdrop — mood

Full project