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MCA Garage

MCA Garage
Cosmoscow fair

Location: Moscow, Gostiny Dvor
Year: 2020
Area: 50 sq.m.
Photo: Ivan Erofeev

In 2020 Garage will be the Museum of the Year at Cosmoscow International Contemporary Art Fair in Moscow. At the fair, the Museum will present a booth based on its Archive Collection, the world's largest archive on the history of Russian contemporary art.

The display will be organized as an interactive cabinet of curiosities, featuring equipment for the storage, restoration, and digitization of analogue video, since many materials arrive in the archive on VHS, Betacam, or MiniDV cassettes and require special storage conditions.

The booth will introduce visitors to various video formats and ways of processing them. Along with learning about the history of Garage Media Archive, visitors will be able to take part in the digitization and restoration of video cassettes and digitize cassettes from their family archives.

Selected videos showing art events in Moscow and St. Petersburg from 1985 to 2020 will be screened on the booth, including documentation of exhibitions and performances, archive footage, and recordings of interviews and TV shows.